;-) Google Gulp: 411 Thirst Quencher for the Brain on 4-01. + Google Acquires Everything.

Google has come out with a new drink
for the sophisticated Googling Googler with an insatiable thirst
for knowledge. Currently in four beta flavors, “Beta Carroty,” “Glutamate
Grape,” “Sugar-Free Radicals,” and “Sero-Tonic Water.” Be advised, the
beta drinks come with a privacy

“be aware that by popping the seal on the twist-off Gulp
cap, you send a wireless signal to Google’s servers indicating your irrevocable
acceptance of the Google Gulp Terms and Conditions, which do include the
possibility, however remote, of hideous genetic mutation resulting from
your consumption of this product. We’re pretty sure you won’t die, though.

Expect a “vanilla copycat release from Redmond” soon.

Also, Everything2.com has just
been acquired
by Google
and is being rebranded as part of the Google Communities.
According to the press release,

“Becoming part of Google’s offering is tremendously exciting,”
said Ryan Postma, Everything2’s editor-in-chief and general manager. “I
look forward to utilizing the services of Google’s professional development
team to realize our plans for improved content management. It’ll be a welcome
change from the volunteer team of drop-outs, burn-outs, and Jeopardy! champions.”

After ‘Quench[ing] your thirst for knowledge,’ see
the future here

Hermit πŸ˜‰