Georgia Calculates Ways to Up Math IQ

Elementary school students will see concepts such as making change and multiplication earlier. Middle-schoolers will cover more new material and do less review. And high school math classes that cover a single subject, such as geometry, are going the way of the chalkboard. Instead, high school students would take Math 1-4 and cover the different branches of mathematics each year — much as the subject is taught in Japan.

In this article, middle school teachers complain they spend too much time reviewing concepts students should know. As a former third grade teacher, it is very hard to fit two social studies curricula (state history and US history), math, reading (with spelling, writing, etc.), health, science, and special area into one day. As a librarian, I try to pull the math teachers in and purchase materials that will help them and their students. How can librarians impact math classes?

Read the entire article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.