Friday’s History Book: The Easter Bunnies

The Easter Bunnies: Long-distance Reconnaissance by the German Luftwaffe over Poland, France, England and the Atlantic 1938-1945

The Easter Bunnies was the nickname Staffelkapitan Liebe-Piderit gave to the five young men who joined the 3rd Squadron of the Fernaufklarungsgruppe 123 in Hanau am Main at the end of March 1940. Tragically, four of the five Easter Bunnies did not survive the war.

Roman Gastager is today the last surviving member, not only of the Easter Bunnies, but also of the entire Flight Personnel from the early days. This book tells the story of his life and experiences in the Squadron and contains over 100 previously unpublished photographs.

Oberfeldwebel Gastager took part in nearly 400 front and enemy flights, most of which were over England and the Atlantic and plagued by flak, fighters and engine damage. His maiden long-distance flight on 30th June 1940 took him to the Island of Guernsey, where he was the first German soldier to step onto English soil.