Free Mideast News Transcripts from NPR

I know that I post a lot of stories here that I’ve heard on National Public Radio. Usually, I’m linking to audio on their website, because NPR only provides transcripts for a fee. According to the NPR Ombudsman’s web page, though, this is about to change, at least for news on the Middle East conflict:

Due to the intense interest of NPR listeners in events in the Middle East, NPR will make available — at no charge — the transcripts and audio of reports about the Mideast produced by NPR in its newsmagazines and talk shows. As a service to listeners, NPR transcribes Morning Edition®, All Things Considered®, Weekend Edition Saturday, Weekend Edition Sunday, Talk of the Nation and Fresh Air. We do not transcribe other programs or hourly newscasts because it is cost prohibitive.

This portal at will evolve as we add material and expand the portal’s archive. At present, transcripts and audio date from May 6, 2002.

I know at least one of our patrons who will be excited to hear about this!