Fordham U. Library Staff Helps Out Injured Hawk

New York City residents are particularly fond of hawks (not too many chicken farmers here). A luxury apartment house near Central Park is home to the famous Pale Male and Lola. So when a hawk was found injured near the Duane Library this morning, New Yorkers took note.

Fordham U. reports on the the incident:

A member of the University’s custodial staff discovered the bird on a lawn adjacent to the library at roughly 7:50 a.m. The employee contacted Fordham Security, which summoned officers from the New York City Police Department’s 48th precinct and emergency medical workers.

The hawk is believed to be one of a pair of red-tailed hawks—nicknamed Hawkeye and Rose—which have nested and raised offspring on the pediment of Collins Hall since 2005. They have become popular campus fixtures for staffers and students alike.

We are still awaiting news on the injured hawk’s condition.