Follow-up to “Marital Aids Booth at Library Flea Market Inflames Passions”

Follow-up to The Case of the Vibrating Rubber Ducky and the Library Flea Market, in which an adult novelties business had set up a booth at a library fund raiser held on a church lawn. As reported earlier, the city had to drop its plan to charge Katherine Williams, the business owner, for violating the sexually oriented business ordinance because no police officer saw the booth and none of the other vendors would testify against her. So, now the city has revoked her business license, claiming a zoning violation. The City Attorney says that she needs to rezone her place of business for a sexually oriented business. Since she sells her novelties through home parties, this means she would have to rezone every house where she has a home party. Williams is going to contest it. “I told my attorney, I’ll be more than happy to take this to court, with my yellow ducky in hand,” she said. “They are in for a big fight.” (via)