EBSCO’s Takeover of RoweCom Continues

“Though its bankrupt parent divine reportedly now faces the possibility of criminal charges stemming from a federal grand jury investigation, RoweCom continues to move toward an acquisition by EBSCO. On March 6, EBSCO announced the execution of definitive agreements for the purchase of RoweCom, Inc. and its U.S. operations, as well as RoweCom Australia Pty, Ltd. RoweCom’s U.S. operations include Dawson, Dawson Information Quest, Faxon Co., Turner Subscription Agency, McGregor Subscription Service, and Corporate Subscription Services.”

“EBSCO has already acquired RoweCom’s European assets. In late February, EBSCO Industries sent letters to the approximately 25,000 publishers that had business dealings with RoweCom outlining the terms of participation in bankruptcy claims. Letters also went out from EBSCO to U.S. library customers in order to solicit their compliance in the plan. Letters to Australian RoweCom customers will be sent soon.” (from Infotoday)