Digitizing the voices from the past

Anonymous Patron writes An Article From The San Francisco Chronicle says A new technology under development in Berkeley could help thousands of long-dead Americans to “speak” again.

Those old tin & wax cylinders that were used to record everything from opera to politics are falling apart. These recorded voices of Americans from a legendary era — Americans who were old enough to recall slavery, the Civil War, the conquest of the American West and earlier national sagas — have been silenced not only by death but by the insatiable appetites of fungal mold and insects.

But perhaps not forever. Using a tool normally used for particle physics research, two scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Carl Haber and Vitaliy Fadeyev, are investigating how to extract clear, audible voices from broken, mold-eaten and otherwise unplayable early recordings.

So how do you think your CD’s and DVD’s are going to look in 40 years?”