Devlin, Titcher Bringing ‘Librarian’ to TNT

“Independence Day” and “Godzilla” producer Dean Devlin is making a move to television, producing The Librarian,” a possible telefilm franchise, for TNT.”

“Raiders of the Lost Ark” ends with the Ark of the Covenant being put in a massive storage facility in an anonymous box, surrounded by countless other identical boxes. ” The Librarian” asks the question: What if each of those crates contained a different priceless antiquity with a legendary background?”

“However, the project has no connection to the Spielberg blockbuster. Instead, it focuses on a young man who discovers that the basement of the New York Public Library is loaded with mythical objects like the Ark or the Golden Fleece. His job is to protect the sacred artifacts from the forces of evil.” (from Zap2it)