Countering anti-intellectualism

Fang-Face writes “There is an article at the First Amendment Center about
a free speech law suit to counter anti-intellectualism. It also contains an examination of the ultra-conservative hysteria over the presence of evolution in high school curricula.

At least one board member dismissed the lawsuit as “frivolous” and “stupid” and said the book, Environmental Science: Creating a Sustainable Future, was rejected because it contained factual errors.


Chiras argued that board members rejected the book solely because of protests by conservative groups that labeled it anti-Christian, anti-free enterprise and anti-American. Chiras denied the claims. He said that though the book does argue that America is not on a sustainable environmental course, it provides a healthy debate on issues from real estate development to nuclear energy

This is typical of the ultra-conservative hysterics who are unable to see beyond the very narrow confines of their religious prejudices. Since they cannot refute the information presented they attempt to discredit it instead.

Texas will also be under the microscope next week in a fight over teaching evolution in public schools as the State Board of Education votes on adopting biology textbooks that have been at the center of the debate.

For those not aware of it, the state of Texas pretty much sets the standard, or lack thereof, for what goes into high school textbooks for a large proportion of the U.S., which is probably why the anti-intellectual movement is so strong there, and particularly the biblical literalists.”

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