Colvin students fight for books

“Bare shelves tell the story of the Planeview library in southeast Wichita.”

“Signs promise science fiction, mystery, paperbacks, young adult books and magazines. But the books are gone, swept away in city budget cuts.”

“The only books still here are for fifth-graders and younger — and two-thirds of those are due to vanish in the next three years.”

“For 25 years, the city of Wichita had maintained a small public library branch in a space shared with the Colvin Elementary School library. It was the only library branch in the southeast area of the city and a source of information for one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.”

“But on March 28, the public portion of the library was shut down to save $17,100 of the city’s total library budget of $5.5 million.” (from The Wichita Eagle)