Clash at Salinas Library Vigil

The Californian reports on a clash last evening at a candlelight vigil for the three Salinas CA libraries due to close in mid-June. City Councilman Sergio Sanchez, who cast the single vote of opposition to the libraries’ closure, said Salinas residents should practice civil disobedience and physically take over the city’s three library branches to keep them from closing. Mayor Anna Caballero, who blamed the state for raiding local revenue sources, called for constituents to stop complaining and start contributing, which led to protesters showering the Steinbeck statue in front of the library with dollar bills.

It’s obviously a tense situation with several factions in opposition on how to handle the loss of the libraries. Some staffers have chosen not to support the Library Friends, as it is the Friends contention that the libraries must close before they reopen.