Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large v.7, issue 8 (July 2007)

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large v.7, issue 8 (July 2007) is now available for downloading.

The 26-page issue (PDF as usual, but essays other than My Back Pages are available in HTML form) includes:

  • Perspective: Pew Do You Trust? – “Pew Internet & American Life owes me an apology.”
  • ©1: Term and Extent – PermaCopyright and other extremes, including my Modest Proposal for permanent copyright for truly original works
  • Making it Work – Commentary on personal balance and library service balance.
  • Interesting & Peculiar Products – Six products (and product groups) and another six Editors’ Choices/Best Buy roundups.
  • Library Access to Scholarship – more of the “opposition literature” and notes about money.
  • My Back Pages – seven snarky little mini-essays, exclusive to whole-issue readers.

Two quick notes: This was all written before ALA Annual (but with some touchup work and copyfitting done this week)–and there’s nary a word about my own future plans.