Cites & Insights 4:10 available, temporary site

Walt writes Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 4:10 (August 2004) is now available for downloading.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the issue is temporarily available at:

It will be added to the permanent site as soon as possible (but will continue to be available at the temporary site).

The 24-page issue, PDF as always, includes:

*Perspective: The Reading Disaster (or Not)

*Bibs & Blather

*The Censorware Chronicles — COPA and more

*Perspective: ALA Conference Comments

*Feedback Special: Following Up on Ebooks
(six good reasons to make people read etext, and more)

*Trends & Quick Takes

*PC Progress, January-July 2004 (which, barring the right feedback, may be the final PC Progress)”