China’s Thought Police Students.

NYTimes journalist Howard W. French reports
on how in China “little sister is watching” along with many of her fellow
Chinese students at the behest of their Universities (and China‘s
government) to infiltrate online discussions and “steer what they consider
negative conversations in a positive direction.” Anything “they deem offensive”
is reported to the University for deletion.

The specific little sister, a sophomore, mentioned in Mr. French’s article
is one of 500 “volunteer” student thought police recruits at her particular
University, Shanghai Normal University.  Mr. French mentions that,
“For years China has had its Internet police, reportedly as many as 50,000
state agents who troll online, blocking Web sites, erasing commentary and arresting people for what is deemed anti-Communist Party or antisocial

Beyond the official Internet police and the legions of student “volunteer”
thought police encouraged by universities are unmentioned companies (Google,
Microsoft, Yahoo, & Cisco?) that engage in government mandated censorship.
But Mr. French suggests that “While the national Web censorship campaign
all but requires companies to demonstrate their vigilance against what
the government deems harmful information, the new censorship drive on college
campuses shows greater subtlety and, some would say, greater deviousness.”