Pixsy – a New, and Visual Way to Search

This past spring, CNet reported on Pixsy, a new kind of visual search engine. Pixsy scours RSS feeds for up-to-date images and then makes them searchable. According to Nielsen//NetRatings, image search is the fastest growing vertical search category on the Internet today. The company will relaunch its engine with a revolving repository of millions of thumbnail images, which are drawn from photos and videos on sites ranging from The New York Times to YouTube.

“Anywhere there’s an RSS feed, we consume it, extract an image…and make it searchable”, said Chase Norlin, founder of the San Francisco-based company. The site, which is built with AJAX technology, will collect a thumbnail image from an RSS feed automatically and then associate words, or metadata, with that image based on the news or information from where it came. Pixsy then uses that data to associate images with search terms.