Children’s Lit W/ Homosexual Themes–A Baptist Viewpoint

Further to our earlier story , the subject of children’s books that deal with homosexuality is a very hot topic these days.

Here’s an article on the subject from Florida Baptist Witness (“Publishing Good News since 1884”), which more or less concludes that children shouldn’t be exposed to what is viewed as ‘alternative lifestyles’ at such a tender age.

According to the article (no author is credited), “Homosexual groups promote their agenda in other ways as well. Teachers friendly to the homosexual movement often place inverted pink triangles in their classroom, identifying their room as a “safe zone” for homosexuals. In addition, each year GLSEN (The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, a national homosexual activist organization) sponsors the “Day of Silence” , a day when thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to protest what they see as discrimination against homosexuals.”

The article continues, “This year the Alliance Defense Fund (who describe themselves as “a pro-family legal organization”) countered with the “Day of Truth” , allowing Christian students to stand up for their beliefs. Participants wore T-shirts stating, “The Truth Cannot Be Silenced” and passed out cards expressing their viewpoint. It was held the day after the Day of Silence” (last April).