Rhymes with Orange and books…

No it’s not Friday, but didn’t think that I should hold onto this until then…

The comic strip “Rhymes with Orange” ran an interesting strip about a couple undergoing counseling and they use an interesting analogy, check it out.

Copyright in today’s world

This is a podcast from the “Real Deal,” where they discuss copyright with Colette Vogele, attorney, Fellow at Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society. They discuss some of the concerns people have over copyright in today’s world with the internet, downloads, mashups, etc.

New York and online purchases

The state of New York has decided that there’s money to be made off this thing called the internet. Their going to start charging sales tax for online purchases. While consumers were supposed to report this on their taxes (yeah, like people are going to keep up with that), this law passes it onto the retailer. Its unclear yet (until the Gov. signs it) what affect this could fully have, but clearly Amazon will be impacted. Here’s the story for more details. And here’s last week’s report.

TwitLinks for Tech stories in Twitter!

TwitLinks for Tech stories in Twitter! A lot of alliteration for such a simple thing. Wanna follow what some of the big names in Technology are saying in Twitter, but don’t have time to do so? Then you may want to take a look at Twitlinks. You can subscribe by RSS feed and it lays it out in an easy to read format. “Each article get a link, a first paragraph, and a link to the Twitter user who shared the link.”