New Women’s Library in London

Women\’s Library
opened on Monday in its
redesigned London building. It is the \”largest collection
of women\’s history in the UK\”. It began as part of the
London Society for Women\’s Suffrage in 1926 and was
previously known as the Fawcett Library. The redesign
started just before I left the UK so I\’ll be visiting the new
library when I return in a couple of months. The BBC and The Guardian both have features
articles on it.

Librarians and libraries in movies

A question on the newlib-l mailing list asked for suggestions for a regular movie night: movies in which a character is a librarian or in which a library features in some way. Many suggestions have been made but, as always, a quick Google search led me to a fantastic resource, Librarians in the movies: an annotated filmography. Maintained by Martin Raish at Brigham Young University, this is definitely worth a look if you\’re wondering what to watch on video next weekend. It even includes a short bibliography relating to librarians and libraries in movies. Great stuff!

Happy Birthday NewBreed Librarian!

I was somewhat surprised to realize that NewBreed Librarian is celebrating its first birthday! It only seems like yesterday that I read the very first issue (misty-eyed reminiscing….) Anyway, there\’s a new issue available with articles on libraries as keepers of memory, advice on running a solo library, a review of the Opera browser and much more… go enjoy (and wish them a happy birthday).

MARC21 fever hits the UK!

The British Library has released a number of proposals for the switch from UKMARC to MARC21 in UK cataloguing. The change is due to take place towards the end of 2003 and the document dicusses the issues raised. See the full document here.
I found it interesting, and not only because I\’m hoping my knowledge of MARC21 will get me job on my return to the UK later this year!

Bedtime Reading Week (March 11-17)

Bedtime Reading Week is coming, March 11-17 2002 in the UK (though that doesn\’t mean it can\’t be observed elsewhere). Established by William Sieghart, who also founded National Poetry Day, and backed by various national initiatives, it was first celebrated last year and aims to \”encourage everyone to enjoy reading together\”. There is a page of ideas for teachers and librarians.

January 2002 issue of D-Lib

The January 2002 issue of D-Lib Magazine is out with some great articles on interoperability and digital preservation. The opinion piece on the role of the library in text encoding is close to my heart (or, more accurately, the heart of my library school thesis work!). I will be reading it over a cup of tea today.