Anime’s growing role in U.S….& Public Libraries ?

Bibliofile writes “Our library has an ever-growing collection of manga and anime and is read voraciously by teens. It is one way to get reluctant or non-readers intereseted–and just might improve their reading skills. Let me know what your library is doing to support this growing genre. While researching for a grant on family literacy I came across the folling article:

Anime, a style of Japanese animation, is playing a growing role in U.S. culture:

This distinct Japanese art form has nurtured a fast-growing U.S. industry, rich with colorful TV shows, movies, video games, toys and comic books known as manga.

“In Japan, when you’re on the train, you see everyone — and I mean everyone – is reading a book, and it’s mostly manga,” Karahashi said. “I think that’s why Japan has a very high literacy rate.”

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