An Ironclad Reason To Pay a Visit

Lee Hadden writes: “It isn’t often a museum librarian gets mentioned by name in the Wall
Street journal, but Susan Berg of the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News,
Virginia, was mentioned today. When all the publicity of the acquisition of
the rusty turret of the Civil War Ironclad, the USS Monitor, by the museum
was known, increased donations for the research library followed. Read more
about it in today’s Wall Street Journal, March 5, 2003. (Subscription required)

Stuart Ferguson, a reporter for the WSJ, writes:

“Indeed, during a visit last fall,
Susan Berg, the museum’s librarian, showed me some recent acquisitions: two of John
Porter’s designs for converting the Merrimack into the CSS Virginia. Porter took the
drawings with him to Richmond to show the Confederate government what he had in mind;
this set in motion the race to launch the first ironclad. The previous owner of these
rare drawings contacted the museum on learning it now had the Monitor’s turret. In
return, of course, possession of the Monitor artifacts puts the Mariners’ on the map
for anyone interested in the Civil War.”