Altered Books

\”While growing up we learned that writing in or damaging a book was a no-no. But now, crafters are embracing the current trend of \”altered books,\” which transforms unwanted books into artists\’ canvases.\”

\”Existing books are being altered through use of glue, decorative materials and rubber stamps or being cut, torn or inserted with new pages. The book\’s title, chapter headings, words or sentences can help inspire the art. A sentence or even a few words on a page can be isolated on a page, and the rest can be covered with a collage and paint. Sometimes whole chunks of pages are removed to make room for the stuff added to the altered pages.\”

\”The Rubber Stamp Plantation hosts an altered-book workshop from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. each Thursday. Attendees pay $20 for the use of books and materials. Attendees consider the books they create a means of self-expression, a piece of art or a conversation piece.\”

\”Pat Banning, of Bookends in Kailua, feels quite differently. \”I\’m horrified and appalled. … As far as I\’m concerned, I just couldn\’t do it,\” she said. \”People who do this type of art have no sense of a book being an important property. Books are cultural icons.\” (from The Star Bulletin)