It sounds like a demented Jeff Foxworthy comedy routine: “If you’re driving around town with an almanac… you might be a terrorist.”

But the FBI isn’t kidding: if you’re stopped by a cop who notices an almanac in your car, you could be on your way to assist the police with some enquiries. They say that almanacs contain information about various cities and landmarks, along with photographs and maps. Horrors!

Would this be a good time to point out that the highest-ranked almanac in Google Directory’s list of almanacs is offered by a secretive organization implicated in violent plots around the world?

UPDATE: yes, it’s a duplicate — I *swear* a search for “almanac” failed to turn up the SMC/Blake article!

Update: 12/30 14:42 EST by B:The LISNews search engine is less than useful most of the time, but Ben’s post was better than mine so I’m inclined to let it be. That should not stop anyone from making fun of Ben for missing the first one 😉
The Original post has some comments worth reading. There’s been about a million new stories published with some interesting titles:

“People with almanacs may be terrorists, FBI says”

“The Osama Farmer’s Almanac”

“Read alert as US lists books as terrorist tools”

“Beware of terrorists with almanacs”

and “Armed with an almanac? The FBI has its eye on you”