1991 Iraq Conflict : Cable :: 2003 Iraq Conflict : Internet

I knew that it was totally mainstream when my mom started getting news online.

This article from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation claims that online news is the new cable news. They posit the notion that the popularity of online news has risen with the proliferation of broadband connections. As evidence, I was surprised (and delighted) to see library patrons gathered around a librarian\’s computer watching a live speech by Mr. Bush the other night.

What\’s really neat about this war being documented online is the variety of sources one can read. Reading \”Why the Gulf War II is an Internet War\” from the Indian Sify Times is much easier than getting an Indian news channel!

Be sure to see Tracking the War Online from The Shifted Librarian.

I\’m probably preaching to the converted here, but it is good to see that other people are noticing too.