Advocacy. Tasty tasty social media based library advocacy.


Advocacy through social media has just gotten a bit cooler.

There is a newly formed Facebook group for a Library Themed Ben & Jerry’s Flavor. But what do libraries and Ben & Jerry’s have to do with each other?

In these economic conditions, the role of the library is becoming more important in the lives of its patrons. Diminished incomes have stopped people from buying books, newspapers, magazines, music and movies as well as dropping services like home internet. They are turning to the library for the media and materials that they would have normally bought for themselves in the past. With employers moving their hiring applications to their websites and most job searches move online, the ability for people to be able to access the internet increases in importance. In reaction to this, libraries have added job hunting, resume writing, and interview materials, classes, and programs. On top of this, we are helping people everyday navigate this new age of information. But we are still struggling to maintain services in the face of stagnant or slashed state, county, and municipal budgets.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has a long history for corporate advocacy for different causes. From their mission statement, they seek to conduct business in a socially responsible and environmentally sensible way. Over the years, they’ve created flavors to raise awareness for poverty, global warming, water preservation, family farmers, disadvantaged children, and world peace. Their activism extends to their employees who volunteer their time for community projects. Plus, they make some pretty tasty ice cream.

Sounds like a perfect match!

Join the group, spread the word, and let’s make the library an even cooler place to be!

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160 members and climbing!

Great, if only they would use 100% "Natural" ingredients, we'd be set!

But, seeing as most ice cream eaters are not as picky as I am, this will be a great thing.....


it better have major chocolate in it...

Let's all go to the liberry tree and pick some ripe liberries, and make them into an ice cream delight!

Remember- liberries fresh from the liberry tree come in only two flavors- fiction and non-fiction. Some non-fiction can be a little tart, but wholesome.

Liberry Ice Cream! Ummh! Ummh! So good on a summer's day!

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