Woman saves a life at Russell Library

A man stopped suddenly and fell to the floor, hitting his head on a table on the way down. The previously calm and quiet Main Reading Room at Russell Library (Middletown CT) became “action central” as another patron ran to the Information Desk and a librarian called 911 for help.

Annie Abbate, who was studying for her upcoming Medical College Admission Test, sprang into action as soon as she saw the man collapse. Taking one look at the fallen patron, she immediately dialed 911 on her cell phone.

Since Annie had emergency medical training, a librarian who had rushed to the scene, took her phone to talk to 911 as Annie assisted the man. She gave rescue breaths when his breathing became labored. When Annie could not feel a pulse, she began CPR. Another nearby patron left his seat and offered words of encouragement to the stricken man. Within minutes, first responders arrived and began their work. They praised Annie highly for what she had done and took the man to Middlesex Hospital.

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