Why Being A Librarian Is Like Being An Opium Addict

People always wonder why librarians enjoy their jobs. We sit around all day and wait to find answers to questions we know nothing about. It Turns Out we’re just addicted. It is something we seem hard-wired to do, says Dr. Biederman. When you find new information, you get an opioid hit, and we are junkies for those. You might call us ‘infovores.’ ” We are programmed for scarcity and can’t dial back when something is abundant.
In other words, coming across what Dr. Biederman calls new and richly interpretable information triggers a chemical reaction that makes us feel good, which in turn causes us to seek out even more of it. The reverse is true as well: We want to avoid not getting those hits because, for one, we are so averse to boredom.