Where is Harry Potter Book Six?

Judging from the server logs, more than a few people are trying to find details on the as-yet unnamed and unreleased Harry Potter 6. The Answer seems to be, when she gets done. The best thing I could find says “Rowling, who took about three years to write “Phoenix,” said in a television interview on Thursday that she had already begun the as-yet unnamed Harry Potter 6.” Bloomsbury said on Friday there were no delivery deadlines for it, and the publication date for the sixth book will likely be a significant factor in its business in the years to come.

Rowling also said she has started work on the sixth book, picking up a pen while pregnant with her son, David.

“I actually did get some writing done the other day; and that’s not bad going because he’s only 10 weeks. So he’s pretty full time at the moment,” she said

Source, or you can read JK Rowling interview in full from Jeremy Paxman’s exclusive Newsnight interview at the BBC.