When Your Life Is An Open Book, Find a Comfy Chair and A Really Good Lamp

SomeOne submitted this Nice Washington Post Article, By Doug Brown on how we read.
He wonders… Is there a model reading space? A perfect light? An unsurpassed chair?

And answers… there is nothing near consensus on the notion of the nonpareil reading environment. There are library or study people. There are bed people and bathroom people. There are anywhere people.

First lady Laura Bush, a librarian who travels the country touting the delights of reading, wrote in an e-mail that she and the president usually start their day together reading newspapers, and they end the day reading too. At the White House, she wrote, “the library is a great place to settle in with a good book, and at our ranch in Crawford, I like to sit on our porch and read.”

So what’s the best way to read, for you?