When Disposing Of Sacred Texts, Respect Is Key

There is a story on NPR today: When Disposing Of Sacred Texts, Respect Is Key

This issue is in the news because of the burning of Qurans in Afghanistan. See: In Letter, Obama Apologizes To Karzai For Quran Burnings

In the disposing of religious texts piece people from different religious backgrounds are questioned about disposal of religious texts. Burial and burning are cited several times as correct methods of disposal.

If the U.S. military were to take special steps to dispose of religious texts should libraries be doing the same thing? Religious texts such as bibles and Qurans that are weeded from library collections currently end up in landfills or the recycle bin in some circumstances.

Does your library treat religious texts in the same way as non-religious texts when it comes to disposal? Should libraries treat religious texts differently than non-religious texts?