What’s the Coolest Place to Hang Out? The SFPL

We knew it all along, but now the rest of them are starting to figure it out…the coolest (hottest), cheapest, most interesting place to hang out is the public library. What happened to wooden chairs, stacks of musty books, and the “shhhhhhhhh” of the librarian? That’s old time. This is the new library. The one for Internet-surfing, coffee-sipping and movie-renting.

“The perception is no longer of a warehouse for books,” says San Francisco city Librarian Luis Herrera. “We’re seen as a place to hang out. I’ve been in the business for 30 years. And when I look back at it, this is the most exciting time ever for librarians.”

The SF Gate article goes on to say… “Uh-oh, watch out. You get a bunch of librarians excited and anything could happen.”