What of eBooks?

Desley writes :\”Do you or any of the readers see the advantage of e-books for small Public Libraries?
Can you see grandma curling up with the cat and an eBook reader on a cold winter\’s night?

If a grandchild wanted to give a loved grandparent an eBook as a gift where could they lovingly write the inscription for the grandparent to treasure for many years, or, for that matter, where could grandma write her inscription to the beloved grandchild to be treasured as well?

I see their value in the academic field or for the \’serious\’ reader but I would be disappointed if they were to take over the world and deprive many of the pleasure of the feel of a \’real\’ book. Maybe I am just a softie but the feel of a real book is like the caress of a loved one.

Hey, all you out there in LISNews Land!!! What do you think?