What if Filters Don’t Work?

Ender writes:

\”Okay, so now that it\’s mandatory that governments (libraries)
use filters, can we (in conjunciton) with libraries start sueing the
pants off of all the corporations selling filters as selling defective
products? And after we kill all of them off, or they restrict
themselves to all non-government users, we sue the government for not
providing libraries with filters – as there is no effective market for
government filters…\”

So if libraries are required to install filters, and the law turns out to be constitutional, is there any kind of legal recourse a library would have if the filters screw things up?

I\’d love to hold Microsoft responsible when Windows crashes and destroys all my data, is this the same kind of thing?
My car broke down, can I sue Chrysler?

Ultimatly who is responsible when something you are forced to use doesn\’t work? Who decides if they aren\’t working?