W3C Launches Group to Help Bridge the Digital Divide

As part of the growing set of W3C initiatives related to social development, W3C invites participation in the new Mobile Web for Development (MW4D) interest Group, chartered to explore the potential of mobile technology to help bridge the digital divide. “We need to solve important challenges, such as lack of standards in end-user devices, network constraints, service cost, issues of literacy, and an understanding of the real information needs of rural communities,” said Ken Banks, kiwanja.net, who Chairs the group. “To do so requires an multidisciplinary approach, a step we take through the creation of this new group.” Read more in the press release. This launch is part of W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative (MWI), which aims to identify and resolve challenges and issues of accessing the Web when on the move. This work takes place under the auspices of the European Union’s 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7), part of the Digital World Forum project.