Vulnerability of Digital Content

zamiel2 writes “Those who maintain New Brunswick’s provincial archives are concerned that much of the digital content produced today is not going to make it into the future.

Sound and moving image archivist Denis Noel transfers film and audio to digital, following painstaking and expensive international digitizing standards set out for archives.

“One of the problems is that [digital is] so susceptible, so vulnerable to damage,” Noel said. “I’ve had audio tape come into the archives, for example, that had been submerged in water in floods and the tape was so swollen it went off the reel, and yet we were able to recover that. We were able to take that off and dry it out and play it back.

“If a CD had one-tenth of one per cent of the damage on one of those reels, it wouldn’t play, period. The whole thing would be corrupted.” 03/19/nb-digitalrecords.html