Unshelved and Highsmith: We Have A Winner For Pimp My Bookcart!

The library contest of the year, Unshelved’s PIMP MY BOOKCART, sponsored by Highsmith, has come to a dramatic conclusion, with 129 entries from around the world.

“The level of ingenuity and workmanship was even higher than last year,” said Unshelved cartoonist Bill Barnes. “I never would have believed bookcarts could transform into so many different things.” See all the entries at: http://www.unshelved.com/PimpMyBookcart

The winner? “What Can (Mr.) Brown Do For You?”, a transformation of a bookcart into a UPS truck by Timberland High School in Wentzville, MO, where the librarian’s name is, yes, Mr. Brown. The truck has working lights, panels that open up to reveal shelves, and even space for a (very small) driver.