Trying to fix the library? - hire a poet!

Jon Carroll, a columnist for the San Fransisco Chronicle has this article about Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown\'s idea to hire Maya Angelou to become city librarian.
\"The library system in Oakland is in a state of semi-controlled chaos. One reason for that is that Jerry Brown has delayed appointing a new city librarian, the boss of said system. Indeed, libraries have seemed to rank just behind street shrubs among municipal priorities.\"
A well written \"librarian-friendly\" piece that adds to the debate as to who should be running libraries.

\"Many people seem not to understand that being a librarian is hard work. Remember the whole Reading Wizard flap? The premise of that was: Reading to kids is easy; anyone can do it. Have you ever tried to keep a bunch of 5-year-olds interested in a book you are reading to them? Here\'s the news: not easy.
The Internet has been a huge boon to librarians. They are becoming stars. There\'s a book called ``Secrets of the Super Net Searchers\'\' by Reva Basch. It\'s composed of interviews with really hotshot librarians. Librarians do not yet have groupies; rarely do they travel by limousine. Still: People are beginning to catch on.

Oakland deserves a professional librarian.\"
Here here!