To The Shredder

Lee Hadden writes: \”Michael Orey has an article in yesterday\’s (January 30, 2002) Wall Street
Journal front page, \”Why We Need a National Association for Data
Destruction: Paper-Shredding Firms Thrive as Businesses Guard Secrets;
Enron isn\’t the Half of It.\”

As a federal librarian, I have had to oversee and witness the
destruction of classified documents (dusty and noisy); as a state employee
I had to witness the actual burying of documents at a trash pit (smelly) by
a bulldozer; as a public librarian, I have had people dig things out of the
library\’s trash bin and come back to me with \”Why are you throwing away
this valuable twenty-year old Japanese language encyclopedia? I can\’t read
Japanese, but I\’m sure it must be to valuable to throw away!\”
So librarians see the need for destruction of documents. This article
discusses the industry that supplies that need, and how the machinery for
destruction has improved over the years.

Read more about it at: or your local library.