Time Warner’s Unlimited Download Plan: $150 a Month

Time Warner Cable has modestly softened its plan to test usage limits for its broadband data customers. Landel Hobbs, the company’s chief operating officer, has just published a post with the new price tiers for a test of the plan it will conduct in four cities.

The company increased the capacity of the plans it had tested earlier in Texas. They had ranged from 5 to 40 gigabytes of uploading and downloading a month. Now those plans run from 10 to 60 gigabytes a month at prices that range between about $25 and $65 a month, depending on the area.

The company introduced a new plan with 100 gigabytes, for $75. Any more than that costs $1 a gigabyte. But there is a $75 cap on the extra fee, meaning unlimited use is capped at $150 a month.

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