Time for Filtering at Greensboro NC Library

Using public library computers to search the Internet for inappropriate material soon may be a little more difficult.

The Greensboro Public Library board of trustees voted Monday to ask the City Council to consider adding software to filter inappropriate material from Internet searches. The filter would be limited to computers designated for use by children, as well as for users ages 17 and younger, and for adults who want filtered searches.

That is the less restrictive of two options city library Director Sandy Neerman proposed to trustees at their meeting Monday. The other proposal would have filtered all Internet searches by users of any age.

A filter — whether wholesale or tiered as the library trustees recommend — would become part of the library system’s overall computer-management system, she said. The library operates 230 public computers with Internet access, 105 of them at Central Library.

Article from the News-Record also lists patron infractions during the first six months of the year (sleeping was the number one no-no).