This Week in Startups

For those in the LIS world asked to be more entrepreneurial, the event mentioned below might provide suggestions and/or inspiration. This is reposted with permission:

Team Jason (15,000 of you!),

The first live episode of “This Week in Startups” will be today in two short hours…. 1PM PST/4PM EST.

1. You can tune in live at
2. You can ask questions on twitter by putting #twist at the end of your tweet and/or directing them to me @jasoncalacanis
3. Our first guest is Brian Alvey of CrowdFusion (and my partner from Weblogs, Inc. and CyberSurfer magazine!)

You can read more about Brian at the following links:
(let’s all follow him and see if he can grow from 615 followers to 1,000!).

Feel free to forward this email or post it on your blog/tumblr/posterous/facebook!