the official 1.0 Release of The Virtual Data Center

Anonymous Patron writes “The VDC Development Team ([email protected]) is
pleased to announce the official 1.0 Release of
the VDC.

The Virtual Data Center (VDC) is an OSS digital
library system “in a box” for numeric data.

VDC provides a complete open-source, digital
library system for the management, dissemination, exchange, and citation of virtual collections of
quantitative data.

The VDC functionality provides everything
necessary to maintain and disseminate an individual collection of research studies:
including facilities for the storage, archiving,
cataloging, translation, and dissemination of each collection. On-line analysis is provided, powered by the R Statistical environment. The system provides extensive support for distributed and federated collections including: location-independent naming of objects, distributed authentication and access control, federated metadata harvesting, remote repository caching, and distributed virtual collections of remote objects.

Release 1.0 of the VDC provides RPM’s for Redhat
9.0, Fedora 1 Core and
Redhat 3 Advance Server.

Release 1.0 provides all core features and
contains no known bugs. Supported standards and protocols and formats include: DDI, Dublin Core,
and MARC for metadata; R,SPSS, SAS,ASCII, and
STATA for data ; OAI and Z39.50 for queries; UNF’s and Handle’s for naming/citation.

Features planned for the next point release
include: Fedora 2 Core support, DataFerrett/TheDataWeb protocol support.

Download: _id=25954