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The British Library and Building Zones are inviting visitors to step into Central London’s largest WiFi hotspot at the Library’s St Pancras site to sample the ultimate workplace of the future.

From January 17th – March 11th, a special interactive installation will be available for use by the public, showcasing the integration of the latest in practical furniture design and wireless technology.

Until now, public hotspots have simply grafted wireless technology onto existing furniture combinations. These are not always ideal in terms of ergonomics or ease of use. Ten furniture designers were commissioned by the Library to provide innovative solutions to the requirements of ‘nomadic’ working; they had to take into account the needs of WiFi users in public spaces, in particular: an integral power supply – to minimise trailing electrical flexes, a secure storage space for bags, equipment and documents and good ergonomics – including comfort, lighting and safety.

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The network covers eleven reading rooms, the Library auditorium, a cafe and restaurant, and also an outdoor Piazza. It will be available to around 3,000 visitors per day.

Broadcom has built a huge Wi-Fi zone outdoors in Central London, but the British Library believes its network is the largest indoor site, rivalling locations such as Heathrow Airport in terms of coverage.