The Battle Continues: eBooks or Hardbacks?

David Carnoy (CNET) weighs in on the topic. He tells Huffington Post readers that plenty of people have come up with lists of reasons why ebooks are better than paper books, but that he finds the opposite point of view more challenging. So here’s his list of why hardcovers are better:

1. Spilling a drink on a hardcover doesn’t cause it to die
2. You can’t press a leaf in an e-book, even a virtual one
3. You can’t have an author sign an e-book (yet)
4. Ebooks don’t float in a pool
5. You can’t use an e-book as a doorstop or to prop open a window
6. A hardcover doesn’t crack when you drop it
7. An ebook has no resale value on Amazon
8. You don’t have to recharge a hardcover
9. In a pinch, you can burn a hardcover to keep warm
10. You don’t have to feel ripped off after paying $12.99 for something that’s just bits and bytes