The art of not writing books

Charles Davis writes “Imaginary novels and incredible stories are being collected for posterity in an unconventional UK arts project, the Library of Unwritten Books.

You will not find these titles on bookshelves or bestseller lists – One-Eyed Olaf, The Man Who Was Addicted to Seeing, Poke the Pig and Scrumping in Persia.
These books, along with many others, have not been written – so they are only to be found in the Library of Unwritten Books.

An art project travelling the UK, this library is collecting stories and ideas for books people would like to write – but never have, and probably never will.

Its two librarians – Sam Brown and Caroline Jupp – have collected more than 400 stories over the last two years, and are aiming for a total of 1,000.
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Library of Unwritten Books