That’s Hot!: Memoirs of Retired Librarian Reissued

Everyman’s Library has just released an abridged version of the memoirs of Giacomo de Seingalt, that manwhore-turned-librarian better know as Casanova. Casanova began writing his memoirs late in his life, after he had accepted a position as librarian for a Bohemian Count. Critic Edmund Wilson called The History of My Life the most interesting memoir ever written.

Raised mostly by his maternal grandmother, he got his first lessons in sex at age 11 from the teenage sister of his tutor, Dr. Gozzi. He studied law at the University of Padua and at 15 seriously contemplated a career in the clergy. He gave that up after forgetting the words to his sermon and fainting in the pulpit, the result of too much wine at lunch and cocky overconfidence in his powers of memory.