Textbooks flunk test

tomeboy writes “Not a bloggin’ day goes by here at LISNews without some reference or story about censorship. Mr. Ed’s sex life included. But most discussion is of the conservative knee jerk variety. Take your pick, Harry Potter, Judy Blume or anything about gay parents. Whoopee.

But many miss the boat on this issue. This special report from the Washington Times,
Textbooks Flunk Test, discusses the effect of substituting fact, with multiculturalism and political correctness in our public school textbooks. Make no mistake, this indoctrination is censorship. It is also compulsory. And now we know its impact upon our children.

For the few kids prevented from reading about Wiccanism, there are bookstores and interlibrary loan. Sorry. But for our children in public schools, there is no option but to read rubbish written by sensitivity boards.
This is censorship.”

OP/ED @ The USA Today covers the same thing. We’ve run stories on both sides of the issue Before, many from Texas.

An interesting story From TX says Laptops will replace an armload of textbooks.