Ten Stories That Shaped 2010

It’s time again to take a look at the memorable headlines of the year.

10. YouTube Sensations

Although viral videos are nothing new, libraries found themselves involved in a few catchy clips this year, and even got Old Spice guy involved in their cause.

9. Libraries and DVDs and Netflix, Oh My

Libraries check out a lot of movies, in case you haven’t heard. A library touting their use of Netflix, however, ran afoul of many due to the admitted violation of Netflix’s terms of use.

8. Piracy Crackdown

Many Chicken Little essays cropped up over the seizure of domains by Homeland Security, questioning the due process involved and decrying the potential for censorship that the new law affords.

7. Under New Management

The corporate takeover of public libraries and the commercialization of academic libraries should have us all thinking about our workplace of the future.

6. Gizmo of the Year: iPad

Since its spring release, Apple’s life-changing tablet has been put to use by many libraries. How is your library using iPads?

5. I For One Welcome Our New Media Overlords

My how times have changed. Gone are the days of video stores and print magazines, right?

4. Web 2.0 Fatigue

Oops, I forgot, it’s called “emerging technologies” now. With all the information overload surrounding social media and who knows what else that’s on the horizon, many of us may feel sympathetic with this take on the next big thing.

3. Sign of the Times: Libraries = Offices for Unemployed

Hardly a news flash, but as library budgets continue to spiral while others question the need for libraries at all, library use during the recession has filled a need for those seeking employment.

2. Google eBookstore Opens

The advertising company that organizes so much of the world’s information is, gasp, actually going to try and make money by selling it. The Google eBookstore launched this month. It should give any librarian pause about the Google Books Settlement — and the future of publishing and lending in general.

1. Wikileaks Freakout

The release of secret diplomatic cables received substantial coverage this year. The Library of Congress even became involved. Several free speech issues are raised by how the leaks are being handled.

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