Tech Problem Releases Info on 15,000 Library Patrons

The Muskegon (MI)Chronicle reports that “A technical problem on the Lakeland Library Cooperative Web site made available personal information of more than 15,000 patrons, including minors, across West Michigan on the Internet.

Information that was displayed included names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, street addresses and library card numbers of library patrons registered on the site.

Update: 12/21 13:30 GMT by B :I ran across “3 Things the Litigator Says You Should Know” “Edward McNicholas, a litigator for law firm Sidley Austin, says that litigators’ traditional tongue-in-cheek slogan is, “God bless the person who sues my client.” Data breaches are a likely source of such blessings going into 2007. Here are three bits of privacy-related legalese that McNicholas says every business should understand.”