Stores Split Over Shelving O.J. book

From The Baltimore Sun. Some indy bookstores say yes, others no, others will special order it on request. Chain bookstores will carry it.

The Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore will make the book available at all of its branches. And the Baltimore County Public Library has ordered 25 copies of the book. Both libraries said there was little internal debate over whether to stock the book.

But where to shelve the book is another matter. If I Did It will be found in the fiction section of Baltimore County libraries. But Baltimore City libraries will shelve it under social science and history.

Interesting approach by one Kansas City bookstore, Rainy Day Books (applicable to libraries too)…Rainy Day Books ordered just one copy of the book for people to thumb through if they’re curious. But the store will not sell the book. Instead, customers will be encouraged to make a donation of equal or greater value to a local women’s shelter.

Will your library carry “If I Did It”? If so, where will it be shelved?